EMPEROR Xpro is an emerging online financial trading broker under Emperor Financial Services Group(EFSG) which provides global trading of forex, precious metals, contract for differences (CFDs). It is incorporated and licensed by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under registration number: 25592 BC 2019.

With our powerful R&D technology and sophisticated market experience, EMPEROR Xpro understands the needs from clients and partners from all over the world, and devotes to building an online trading platform that is stable, safe, efficient and transparent for their long-term trust.

EFSG is one of the core businesses of Emperor Group. We emphasise online trading system security in alignment with strict regulations to ensure efficiency and stability.

From its beginning as a watch retailer in 1942, Emperor Group has grown and expanded into a diversified group of businesses that includes financial services, property, watch and jewellery, entertainment, hospitality, media as well as furniture and furnishing. Six companies within the Group are listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, and the diversity enable us to become a key player across various industries.

Furthermore, the interactions and collaboration among business groups have created synergy, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and achieved resource sharing, further honing Emperor Group's competitive edge. Every time one of its business groups achieves outstanding results or gains access to potentially unique resources, other business groups invariably benefit through these advantages, optimising efficiency and effectiveness.

EMPEROR Xpro as part of the EFSG which is with years of industry experience, not only have we gained the trust of our partners, but also been providing latest market news, which allow our clients to grasp trading opportunities under price fluctuations in the market.


Safety and Transparency

Strictly abide to market regulations to keep clients' fund in segregate accounts in different reputable banks.

Superior Trading Environment

Coordinate with several liquidity suppliers to provide competitive spreads and minimize the trading cost of clients while ensuring efficient and quick trading.

Empowered Technical Support

Powerful backend servers enable us to execute stable and efficient orders with an average execution speed of less than 40ms, without requote, delay or intervention.

Smooth Flow of Funds

Multiple ways including USDT to deposit and withdraw funds to/from accounts within one hour that allows you to focus on your investments.

Various Flexibile Solutions

3 account types based on client's and business' needs as well as customized support to partners for long-term collaboration.

Professional Client Support

Putting our clients at the center with their shoes as our business value. 24/5 consultation services to remedy client's issues in a timely manner with professional guidance and advice.

Funds Security

Strict Segregation System of Funds

Aligning to the operation philosophy of equity, fairness, transparency and law-abiding, EMPEROR Xpro applies strict segregation system for clients' funds and corporate operating funds, where client's funds are held in top commercial banks make sure that clients' funds will not be misappropriated for other purposes, and only be used for their own trading and investment.

Safe and Smooth Flow of Funds

On the basis of segregated fund, EMPEROR Xpro continuously optimizes the mode of deposit and withdrawal to enhance the trading experience. And the increase in the speed and the optimized mode of deposit and withdrawal provide double assurance for our client's funds.

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