Advantages of Trading Forex at

29 Currency Pairs

As politics, government decisions, and economic data all influence the trend of forexprices, EMPEROR Xpro offers different currency pairs to provide a host of potential opportunities to you.

Low Spread

Thanks to deep and highliquidity offers of the top banks/
institutions, our spread is as low as 0.9 to save your transaction costs.

Two-way Transactions

Your trading can be accumulated multiple times a day. As buying and selling are both available, there are chances to make a profit no matter the market rises or falls.


Our unique trading technology enables you a professional trading environment with efficient execution, low latency and no requotes.

24/5 Trading Hours

EMPEROR Xpro's MT4 trading platform allows you to trade 24/5 for short-term and long-term trading strategies at anytime, anywhere.

Key Products Specifications