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How to open an account with KYC completed online at EMPEROR Xpro?

Click here to the Registration page. The steps are as follows:
1. Input your basic personal information.
2. Upload ID card(s) or passport(s) of all account holders; and copy of bank statement for the last three-month time for proof of home address.
3. Submit your application to complete.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, a Login User Name will be assigned to you. Within 60 seconds, your application approval will be sent to your registered email containing your EMPEROR Xpro login information.

Our customer service will get in touch with you via registered phone number or email address in case the information is validated against your submitted documents.

What does the error message "This phone number/email has been registered. Please visit the Login page" mean?

If you receive this message, it means that the respective phone number or email address has been registered at EMPEROR Xpro. You can visit the Login page and register with another phone number or email. If you forget your password, please click here to reset.

Are there any personal and/or geographical restrictions on registration?

Yes. Residents of certain jurisdictions such as Afghanistan, Japan, the United States of America, the Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korean, and some other regions or jurisdictions where such distribution or use would be contrary to those local laws or regulations are not eligible for the account registration at EMPEROR Xpro.

Is there any fee charged to open an account at EMPEROR Xpro?

EMPEROR Xpro does not charge any account opening fee.

Can I have multiple accounts at EMPEROR Xpro?

EMPEROR Xpro allows you to open multiple trading accounts. You can open multiple accounts at the Client Portal and our Customer Service will get in touch with you at soonest for the approval.

What documents are required to complete the KYC process of the account opening?

Copy of your ID card(s) or passport(s) of all account holders; and copy of bank statement for the last three-month time for proof of home address are required.

How to change my password of trading account?

You can change password at the Client Portal. Alternatively, contact us at +86 400-842-2808, or Online Client Support Live Chat for assistance.

How to reset my password of trading account?

You can reset the password through our Online Client Support Live Chat, or follow the steps here.

What are the trading hours of EMPEROR Xpro?

The trading hours vary with different products. Details please refer to our Product Details.

What is the service hour of MT4 platform?

EMPEROR Xpro's service hour is set to GMT+8 (Greenwich Mean Time), Beijing time.

What is the minimum deposit requirement to open a KYC account?

EMPEROR Xpro requires each deposit at minimum RMB 2,010 or equivalent value in different currencies.
1. For deposit made with Alipay, the required deposit amount is above RMB 2,010.
2. For deposit made with bank transfer, the required deposit amount is above RMB 3,000. 

What types of account does EMPEROR Xpro have? What is the spread level?

EMPEROR Xpro offers mini, standard and VIP accounts for its investors. We offer extremely competitive spreads. Please refer to our Account Type and Product Details.

What trading products does EMPEROR Xpro provide?

EMPEROR Xpro provides Forex Products, Precious Metals, Energies and Stock Indices. Full Product List here.

Is the range of leverage customisable?

EMPEROR Xpro defaults trading leverage at its maximum (such as Forex as up to 1:400), and it varies with the account type. Details please refer to Product Page. If you would like to adjust the leverage, please contact our Customer Support.

Will there be any change for spreads at the time of major news releases?

It is known that spreads may increase or slippage may occur during announcements of major news, depending on market conditions and fluctuations. Slippages can be categorized as positive slippage and/or negative slippage.

What is the margin? How to know my margin?

The margin is the amount of money required to open a position for your account. It is calculated based on the current price of a trading product, the size of the position (trading volume) and the leverage applied to your trading account. If you do not have sufficient available funds, you will not be able to open a position on the trading platform. If you would like to open additional positions, you can use the available margin on the trading platform. Find out the specific margins for all our products.

Will there be any re-offer price?

As all offers of EMPEROR Xpro directly come from major investment banks/exchanges/institutions which provide liquidity offers rather than second offers, all orders can be made directly in the market.

Can EMPEROR Xpro ensure that my orders will be executed at the selected prices?

EMPEROR Xpro executes your orders strictly at your selected prices. However, we reserve the rights to execute an order at the first available price in the event of rapid market volatility, price gap, or the release of important macroeconomic data.

Is there an overnight carrying charge (SWAP) for the order?

Overnight carrying charge is also known as SWAP. Interest will be calculated if the carrying exceeds 6 a.m. of Beijing Time (5 a.m. in Daylight Saving Time). If the client does not close the position at the closing of trading day on Wednesday (i.e. early Thursday morning), the interests on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will be embraced as well. That is, 3 times of the SWAP will be charged on Wednesday. Therefore, please note that the closing day is also embraced in the calculation of SWAP. 

Do you offer SWAP-free accounts?

EMPEROR Xpro does not offer SWAP-free accounts.

Will there be any fees/charges for custody of accounts if no trading is made?

EMXpro will charge an annual handling fee of 20 USD for inactive accounts. If the account balance is just under 20 USD, your account will be cancelled after the fee is deducted. 

Customers only need to make one or more transactions or fund transfers per year to avoid the deduction of fees or account cancellation. 

Please contact our Customer Service Department for details. 

Is there a limit on trading lots?

The minimum trading lot for EMPEROR Xpro is 0.01 for all accounts. 
The maximum trading lot per click is 10 and the maximum lot of position for each product is 100. 
Details please refer to our Account Types and Product Details.

What is the exchange rate at EMPEROR Xpro?

EMPEROR Xpro provides competitive exchange rate and it is dynamically determined by the market.

How does EMPEROR Xpro protect client funds?

Client funds are strictly segregated from our operation funds, and kept in different reputable banks to ensure the fund safety. 

Is EMPEROR Xpro regulated?

Yes. EMPEROR Xpro has registered at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. All corporate activities are incorporated and licensed by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines authorities (SVGFSA) with registration number oas 25592 BC 2019.

Which withdrawal/deposit channels does EMPEROR Xpro provide?

EMPEROR Xpro offers a wide range of payment channels, including but not limited to the following: Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, USDT and wire transfer. No cash deposit is accepted. 

Can I withdraw in a different way than deposit?

Withdrawal channel has to align with the one of deposit. Deposit via USDT is supported. Clients in China needs to withdraw via bank transfer. 

Is there a charge for deposit/withdrawal?

EMPEROR Xpro does not charge any deposit fee. But please note that the intermediary bank may charge you a transactional fee. Consult your intermediary bank for details.
If your margin amount used during the transaction is equal to or more than 50% of the amount of deposit, there will be no any additional fee charged for withdrawal. Otherwise, 6% of the amount of withdrawal will be charged.

How much is the minimum deposit for a trading account?

The minimum deposit for EMPEROR Xpro's Standard Account is USD100; the minimum deposit for its Premium Account is USD5,000; the minimum deposit for its Professional Account is USD 50,000.

How to add or delete a bank account?

You can add or delete a bank account at the Client Portal.

Is there any limit to the amount of withdrawal? Can I withdraw if I have not closed a position?

The minimum amount of withdrawal by clients in China is RMB5,000. If there is opened position, you can withdraw after your balance deducts the floating P/L and used margin. 

How long does it take to complete the withdrawal?

All withdrawal applications will be handled within 24 hours (working days only), and the time transferring the funds to your bank account depends on withdrawal channel selected.

What should I do if my bank card for deposit is cancelled/lost?

You need to send us an email with a statement from the card issuing bank about the cancellation or lost of the bank card. Then please contact us at Online Client Support, phone call or email, and our team will get in touch with you at soonest for next steps. 

Why is my application for deposit rejected?

Your application for deposit may be rejected for the following reasons:
- Your bank card does not support online trading.
- Your payment request has been rejected by the card issuing bank.
- The information of your card is not correct.
- System error.
- Invalid E-mail/Username.
- Wrong account number.
- Currency error (bank - wire transfer).
- Wrong purpose of payment (bank - wire transfer).
- Your trading request has been rejected by the bank
- Incorrect name of the payee (bank - wire transfer).
- Your payment request is not accepted.

Further from above, please contact our account manager or Client Support.

Why is my application for withdrawal rejected?

Your application for withdrawal may be rejected for the following reasons:
- Your account balance is insufficient.
- There is no trading activity since the last deposit.
- Wrong information.
- Your available margin is insufficient to maintain the position you create.
- The payment channel of withdrawal is different from that of deposit.
- The withdrawal amount exceeds available deposit amount (Credit Card/Debit Card).
- The withdrawal amount is less than the amount charged by the payment system.

Further from above, please contact our account manager or Client Support.

How to download EMPEROR Xpro's MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform?

You can download our MetaTrader 4 trading platform through PC Download , iOS Download and Android Download directly from EMPEROR Xpro's official website.

Can I log into multiple accounts on one computer?

Yes. You can use the MT4's multi terminal to log into multiple accounts on one platform. You can also install multiple MT4 platforms for each login.

Can I log into my account on different devices at the same time?

Yes, you can log into the MetaTrader 4 account with the same username and password on different devices at the same time.

How much is the trading commission on MetaTrader 4?

EMPEROR Xpro does not charge clients any trading commission for any of its accounts.

Why can't I log into my demo account?

The demo account will expire after 30 days of inactivity. If your demo account is still active, please ensure that you have the correct username, password and server, which can be found in the email you received from you first login. Alternatively, you can use the secure client portal to check your login credentials.

How do I add an Expert Advisors (EA) to my trading platform?

1. Download and install the EA. Log onto your trading platform.
2. Select "File" option from the toolbar, then click "Open Data Folder".
3. Click "MQL4" and "Experts" to drag your EA into a new folder.
4. Restart your computer and log back onto the platform.

Why does my EA not make any deals?

In order to carry out EA trading on MetaTrader 4, you must click the EA button in the trading terminal to activate the function.

How to check my account balance on MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 boasts a real-time position carrying function that allows you to check your account balance, equity, margin and available margin in real time in addition to the profit or loss of any unclosed position. This information can be found in the Trading tab at the terminal of the platform. You can find your account history under the History tab in the same page.

How to download and check history data?

Please download the History Data from MT4 trading platform: 
Tool > History Center > Select a trading item/currency pair > Download. 

History Record on your trading platform: 
File > Open the offline history data > Open the offline chart.

The longer the time period is, the longer the available history data will be. For example, a 5-minute history data will be saved for 1.5 weeks, and a 15-minute history data will be saved for 1 month.

Why is the price on my order different from the one on the chart?

The prices shown on the MetaTrader 4 platform chart are the highest selling price or highest price (top bar chart) and the lowest buying price or lowest price (bottom bar chart).
- Buying price = selling price + spread
- Lowest buying price = lowest price + spread
- Highest buying price = highest price + spread

When you intend to buy, the stop-loss and take-profit orders will be triggered if the selling price meets your order price.
When you intend to sell, the stop-loss and take-profit orders will be triggered if the buying price meets your order price.

The buy limit and buy stop orders will be triggered once the selling price meets your order price.
The sell limit and sell stop orders will be triggered once the buying price meets your order price.

You can follow the steps below to see "Buying price line" in the chart:
1. Right click anywhere on the chart and select "Properties".
2. Click "General" option and select "Show the buying price line" option.
3. Click "OK" for application.