Alert: User suffers Copy & Paste Crypto Malware Scam

2021-05-14 09:23:43
A Copy & Paste Crypto Malware Scam has come to our attention recently that some crypto users face continued threats from clipboard hijacker malware which secretly changes copied wallet addresses.
A sample of the scam:
  1. Copy the assigned crypto wallet address from the trading platform’s copy function: 0xde8 ******* c0
  1. Paste the clipboard-copied wallet address 
  1. The wallet address has changed, and the transaction can be intercepted: 0x5192 ******* 1e9
     • Install and keep up-to-date antivirus software running.
     • Double check the destination crypto wallet address of a transaction if this has been entered using a copy-paste function.
     • Regularly check the monthly statement and review the transaction records. Seek assistance from the crypto exchange for any suspicious cases.
     • Download latest version for mobile operation system, App and browsers from trusted sources. 

     • Don't click unverified links or download suspicious attachments and apps from unknown sources.
     • Don't jailbreak your phone or it leaves you exposed to latest security threats and cybercriminals. 

If you require further information, please contact our customer service team at:
Tel    :  +86 4008 422 808