EMPEROR Xpro adjusts margin requirement ratio crossing over weekend or long holiday

2021-08-18 15:46:02
Due to the market has turned volatile recently, our company is tightening the risk management and adjusting the required maintenance margin level to 200% for the open contracts crossing over the weekend or long public holiday starting from August 20, 2021 (Friday). If the account maintenance margin level drops below 200%, our company will liquidate the open contracts until the margin level is back to 200%.
Please pay attention to the fund level of your account and make necessary fund allocation in advance.
Account new balance USD3,000, opening 1 lot LLG margin requirement is USD1,000
At the close of weekend, there comes a floating loss of USD1,500
Equity =3,000-1,500=1,500
Margin level=1,500/1,000x100% = 150%
Because of Equity/Margin requirement ratio drops below 200%, the open contracts will be liquidated using the closing price.
For any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service team.